efco always uses high quality standards to guarantee your  machine is reliable and durable in all working conditions.

To make sure that these standards are retained over time, your outdoor power equipment must always be used correctly and properly maintained. efco has developed a few recommendations for the use and maintenance of your efco product to ensure that you receive the best value and performance year after year.

Contact your authorized efco dealer when contemplating a purchase.

Our dealers are trained to advise customers on the best model to suit their needs and will inform customers of the proper operating and maintenance procedures. Contact your local efco dealer to receive information on all efco models, specialized technical service and to guarantee your product is always equipped with original spare parts and accessories.

Always read the Operator Instruction Manual included with all efco products.

This manual includes helpful instructions on how to use and maintain your new product. Be sure to keep your manual to use as a reference tool. Always read the operators manual prior to operation.

Make sure to have your efco product serviced regularly.

Having your product checked periodically by an authorized efco dealer ensures your machine will always be in the best condition.

Always use original efco spare parts and accessories.

Using efco parts and accessories ensures your machine is equipped with everything it needs to run smoothly and in top condition.

Look Before You Pump.

Look at the fuel pump before dispensing gasoline and check the ethanol content. Outdoor power equipment was made to run on fuel containing no more than 10% ethanol. The same fuel you put in your car may not be the same fuel meant for your chainsaw, grass trimmer, or other lawn and landscape equipment and could lead to damage.  OPEI encourages users to reference the equipment’s operating manual for specific fueling requirements.

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