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Five Year, No Fear Warranty

With a five year consumer warranty, there is no doubt efco® has complete confidence in the quality, construction and durabilty of all efco® products. You can purchase each machine knowing that you can use them to their full potential year after year maintaining your property and starting new projects. The Five Year, No Fear Warranty™ assures you that our company will stand behind our products 100 percent. efco® products are power you can trust.


2 Year Titanium Commercial Warranty

efco® wants commercial users to know they can use efco® products for their business with the certainity that we will stand behind them. The 2 Year Titanium Commercial Warranty means users don't need to worry about whether the products will last. You can focus on business and be positive that your efco® products will work job after job. With our industry-leading commercial warranty our company stands behind our products.


2 Year H Series Warranty

All H series products from efco® provide homeowners with a quality product at a great value and are backed by a two year consumer warranty*. You can count on H series products to deliver performance and dependability at home or on the farm.


Battery-Powered Products Warranty

When you purchase efco® battery-powered products you get tools that will perform year after year and job after job. Our battery powered-products are backed by a two-year consumer and one-year commercial warranty which allow you to buy with confidence.


efco® warrants its products to be free from defects in material and/or workmanship under normal use and maintenance. Below is the warranty coverage period and definition of use. For a full version of warranty, click on Warrany Certificate.


Warranty Certificate


Warranty Coverage Period

Product Personal Commercial Rental
Chainsaws / Pole Pruners 5 years 2 years 90 days
MTH Series Chainsaws 2 year* N/A N/A
Trimmers / Brushcutters 5 years 2 years 90 days
DSH Series Trimmers / Brushcutters 2 year* N/A N/A
Split Boom + Attachments 5 year 2 year 90 days
Blowers 5 years 2 years 90 days
Hedge Trimmers 5 years 2 years 90 days
Earth Auger 5 years 2 years 90 days
Battery-Powered Products 2 years 1 year N/A

*H series products purchased for consumer/personal use after January 1, 2021 have a two year warranty period.

Definition of Use

Personal: Personal, non-institutional, and non-income producing use.

Commercial: Business, commercial, institutional, or income producing use.

Rental: Rental income producing use.


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