efco Discount Programs

At efco, we take great pride in the quality outdoor power equipment that we produce and pass on to our customers, day in and day out. Not only do we want to reward current customers commitment, but also customers who have yet to get efco quality in their hands.  With that in mind, efco has several excellent discount programs that will cut costs, but never sacrifice the quality or power to get the job done.


efco Fleet Discount Program

Available for all landscapers looking  to bring in multiple power units at once. 

A landscaping company purchases a min. of 6 efco Power Units & Attachments they will receive:

20% off current M.S.R.P.



efco Bid Assistance Program

Available for  government agencies and non-profit organizations in mind.

If a non-profit organization purchases any efco power units and attachments they will receive:

20% off current M.S.R.P.



efco Commercial Intro Program

This program was designed to offer select efco units to commercial users for a one time discount. Commercial users are able to purchase 3 to 6 efco units from the list below and receive:

25% off current M.S.R.P.

DS 3000 S/T PTX 2700
MT 3750 DS 2200 TR
MT 4100 SP DS 2200 S/ T
MT 4400 DS 2400 S/T
MT 5200 DS 2700 S
MT 6500 DS 3500 S/ T
DS 2400 D DS 2400 H
SA 3000 SA 2062
TG 2650 XP TG 2800 XP