Prize for innovation awarded by the KWF institute to Emak chain saws with low environmental impact engines

The important certification obtained by the new 39 cm³ chain saws with eco-friendly direct injection engines, is just recognition of Emak's commitment to developing cutting-edge machinery which fully respects the environment.

Cologne (Germany), 03/09/2006 – Working and living close to nature means protecting it above all else. This is why Emak, a European leader in landscaping technology, allocates extensive funding to the development of new and ecologically advanced engines, namely engines with low environmental impact.
This commitment has now extended over many years and has turned the Group, which is based in Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia) into one of the world’s most cutting-edge clean engine manufacturers.
"We are resolutely forging ahead," states Giacomo Ferretti, Chairman of Emak Spa, "both in compliance with current norms and those due to take effect over the coming years, but above all in keeping with the vocation of a firm which, having always designed equipment for landscape management, has taken responsibility for protecting the ecosystem and operator health, without compromising on efficient performance".

This special vocation to environmentally-friendly innovation is one of the cornerstones of the Emak Group expansion strategy: a policy appreciated by the market and operators alike, as evidenced by the important recognition recently conferred by German forestry institute KWF to the Italian company’s new 39 cm³ direct injection eco-friendly chain saws, a world first.
KWF (Kuratoriums für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik) is a prestigious forest technology research institute specially committed to professional operator training and machinery testing, whose authoritative reputation extends far beyond the confines of Germany.
During InterForst 2006, a forestry sector exhibition held recently in Munich, Bavaria, KWF chose to award the innovative capacity of Emak chain saws. Powered by motors using CWI (Compression Wave Injection) technology, the new machines deliver a 75% reduction in unburnt hydrocarbon emissions and a 40% reduction in fuel consumption compared to regular 2-stroke engines, whilst guaranteeing the same performance and weight-power ratio.

The prize is just recognition for the efforts of the Emak R&D laboratories, whose developments are distinguishable by the eco-friendly Burn RightTM brand. The best and most advanced technologies are adapted to specific product applications, all with one sole aim: to deliver maximum performance with minimum environmental impact in terms of potentially harmful emissions, fuel consumption and noise levels.