Introducing the MT 4400



efco® is introducing a new mid-size saw for the more demanding user, the MT 4400. Designed to satisfy a wide customer base, this saw is durable and powerful enough for a heavy-duty homeowner or for challenging jobs around the farm. Compact and versatile, this saw offers an optimal power to weight ratio while cutting, limbing, pruning, or felling medium sized trees. The MT 4400 is perfect for many users thanks to its heavy-duty components and ergonomic design.

 The MT 4400 is a mid-size saw that even a demanding professional can appreciate. The 3-piece crankshaft with a forged connecting rod and 2 ring piston allow for high efficiency in even the toughest environments. An adjustable aluminum oil pump allows the operator control over the oil speed, allowing the perfect amount of oil for every job. Starting is made easy with one switch to handle the choke, half-throttle, and on/off functions. Maintenance on the air filter is easily accessible by using the tools-free twist knob on the filter cover. efco's self-cleaning air filter design allows for maximum filtration with minimal maintenance required. The MT 4400 also has a decompression valve that is usually found on larger, pro-level saws.

The anti-vibration system ensures the user won't be fatigued when using the MT 4400 for extended periods. Utilizing 3 spring dampeners and 2 rubber absorbers, this system helps to separate the handle from the engine to minimize the vibrations. Double bucking spikes in plastic and steel guarantees secure anchorage on logs for greater stability and control. The 42.9 cc engine delivers 2.9 HP, giving the user a high power to weight ratio on a saw that only weighs 9.47 pounds. The MT 4400 by efco is a tough performing, multi-purpose saw.