The All New DS 2200 and DS 2400 Series Trimmers by efco

string trimmer

The new line of trimmers by efco have the highest power to weight ratio on the market. The DS 2200 series and DS 2400 series offer an intense amount of power while still remaining effortlessly light. With an average weight of less than 10 pounds, these trimmers are comfortable for even the longest jobs.

The DS 2200 series has been designed with the homeowner in mind, with a 21.7 cc engine that delivers 1.1 HP. The DS 2200 is available in three different formats to suit every users needs, which includes the DS 2200 TR, a curved shaft, loop handle; the DS 2200 S, a straight shaft, loop handle; and the DS 2200 T a straight shaft, bike handle.

For the professional users, the DS 2400 offers the same light weight but with 1.2 HP for more power. The DS 2400 is available in two different styles including the DS 2400 S, a straight shaft, loop handle, and the DS 2400 T a straight shaft bike handle.

Both series of trimmers come equipped with a 24 mm diameter aluminum outer tube that contains a special coiled steel inner drive. Starting is made easy with embossed instructions on the filter cover and an easy-on double spring assisted starter assembly.

All trimmers come equipped with the new Load & Go linehead. The Load & Go makes loading line fast and easy thanks to a special designed loading system. Load new line in less than 30 seconds to get back to work faster.