All New Accessories for efco

String Trimmers, chainsaw, grass trimmer


efco aims to continue to bring the best possible products to its customers. To support those products, efco rolled out several new accessories. A new line of trimmer line, POWERLINE, and the all new Load & Go linehead compliment a world class line of trimmers. efco 2-cycle oil and bar and chain oil have been reformulated to optimize the performance of the machines.

POWERLINE is high quality, durable trimmer line designed to work with any trimmer or brushcutter. Available in three different styles, round (POWERLINE), square (POWERLINE PLUS), and twist (POWERLINE ULTRA), efco offers a style for any need. POWERLINE and POWERLINE PLUS provide quality trimmer line while remaining affordable. The value of the line is seen in the quality of manufacturing which has created a line that will not wear prematurely due to irregular thickness, shape, or material density. POWERLINE ULTRA is a premium twisted line that fuses two pieces of line together to combine the strength of the two into one. The twist reduces air drag, making it quieter, while also providing a line that is vibration-free, frail-free, split-free, snap-free, and efficient. POWERLINE is a highly engineered line, that is best in its class.

The all new Load & Go linehead by efco is the fastest and easiest way to load line and get back to work. Line can be loaded in 20 seconds, thanks to a new design that requires no tools. Offered in two different sizes, 4.3 inches and 5.1 inches, the Load & Go fits all current and previous efco models and includes M8 and M10 male and female adapters. Two special ballistic plastic compounds make up the body and head, making it extremely durable. All parts are replaceable, making servicing much easier. The Load & Go is the simplest solution to loading and reloading line while trimming.

efco has always offered superior 2-cycle oil and bar and chain oil for its products and is now offering a new, reformulated version of both oils to bring top performance to not only efco equipment, but all air-cooled 2-cycle outdoor power equipment. The 2-cycle oil has E10 compatible fuel stabilizers and is a clean piston ring formula. The 2-cycle oil was designed for maximum engine protection and easy starting with added detergency to keep engine ports and rings free of carbon. The bar and chain oil increases chain life and is a special blend of virgin oils, tackiness agents, and rust and oxidation inhibitors. The 2-cycle is available in two sizes, 2.6 ounces for 1 gallon mix and 6.4 ounces for 2.5 gallon mix, and the bar and chain oil is available in 1 gallon bottles or a new quart size.