Trimmer & Brushcutter Selection Guide

efco DS 3000 T Professional Brushcutter

Spring has arrived in the 2017 calendar year and that means it is landscaping season.  Read below about what efco has to offer in selection and pro tips for extending your trimmer & brushcutters life. From the pro at home to the everyday professional; we have just the cut you want.



Home Pro:

For relatively small areas that are leveled and have minimal obstacles, it is recommended to use trimmers & brushcutters that are around 21cc and have a lightweight build. Even though designed for the Home Pro, these machines are commercial grade and can tackle bigger jobs that professional landscapers handle

Recommended efco Trimmers/Brushcutters:

DS 2200 S, DS 2200 T, DS 2200 TR

Landscape Professional:

For larger, more uneven surfaces near obstructions, a trimmer & brushcutter between 22cc and 30cc displacment will be ideal. These robust trimmers & brushcutters can tackle more instensive cuts such as weeds and brush. Most efco landscape professional trimmers & brushcutters come standard with harness and grass blade.

Recommended efco Trimmers/Brushcutters:

DS 2400 S, DS 2400 T, DS 2700 S, DS 2800 SDS 3000 S, DS 3000 T

Professional Heavy Duty:

When the projects become more demanding and on uneven ground, trimmer & brushcutters starting at 35cc displacement give you the right power and performance needed. More demanding projects include undergrowth and scrub. All efco professional heavy duty trimmers come standard with harness and 8-tooth brush blades.

Recommended efco Trimmers & Brushcutters:  

DS 3500 S, DS 3500 T

Landscape Multi-Tasker:

For the professional landscapers who have a variety of projects to tackle at once, look no further than the efco DS 2400 D Split-boom. With 21.7cc displacement and with 5 attachments (trimmer, blower,hedge trimmer, pruner, & extension) get more done with less.

Recommended efco Trimmers & Brushcutters:  

DS 2400 D