Chainsaw and Pruner Selection Guide

efco Chain Saw and Pruner Guide


When shopping for a chain saw or pole pruner it can be tough to decipher which one would be ideal for you and your project. Below, read our quick selection guide on chain saws and pole pruners. That way, you have the confidence to walk into a dealer and purchase the right chain saw for you!



Guide to Chain Saw & Pruner Selection

For lopping and limbing, chopping down small plants and cutting up firewood, we recomment a lightweight machine between 9 to 11 lbs with a displacement between 35cc and 42cc. 

Recommended efco Saws: MT 3500, MT 3750, MT 4100 SP, MT 4400

For intensive work requiring maximum reliability and consistent long-term performance, the best machines are professional chain saws with displacement over 50cc. Weighing just 12 to 14 lbs, they are ideal for felling and cutting large trees.

Recommended efco Saws: MT 5200, MT 6500

For tough to reach pruning jobs, the ideal machines are professional pruning chain saws, which provide the perfect blend of power, lightweight construction and easy handling. Equipped with a top handle, they are ideal for professional pruning operations and other precision work, such as grafting or surgery carried out on wounded or diseased plants.

Recommended efco Saw: MTT 3600 (Coming Soon!)

For lopping and trimming overhead, or wherever there is uneven or sloping ground to contend with a pruner is best. Thanks to a telescopic pole, cuts can be made up to 16 feet above ground, even on the highest branches. The saw itself is adjustable through intermediate angular settings from 0 to 90 degrees.

Recommended efco Pole Pruner: PTX 2700