Load & Go Trimmer Head 4.3"

Trimmer Heads

The efco Load & Go trimmer features an easy loading nylon line head for the efco trimmer and brushcutter family.  Includes 5 adaptors for universal fit on major brands!

  • 30 second load time!
  • A simple design, no tools and no pinched fingers. A user friendly design.
  • Designed for line replacement speed and ease of use as top priorities.
  • Superior wear resistance. Two special ballistic plastic compounds make up the body of the head. The tap and go ground contact button is charged with 30% glass fiber and molded at extremely high temperature and pressure for uniform distribution and complete amalgamation of the fiber strands.
  • Specially designed, polished aluminum eyelets allow for a smooth release of the line and resistance to dust abrasions. 
  • Individual replacement parts readily available as needed.
Part # 63109004
Line Size .095"
efco Trimmer Models Load & Go Head 4.3"
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