Double Harness with Cushion


Double harness for handlebar grip brushcutters. Meets professional standards in terms of ergonomics, comfort, low weight and quality. Easy to adjust, adapts to different operator builds. The weight of the tool is perfectly distributed across the operator’s shoulders. The quick-release coupling, located on the cushion, allows the operator to hook on and release the tool rapidly at the press of a button- a vital feature in the event of hazardous situations.

(P/N 61200106R)

efco Trimmer Models Double Harness w/ Cushion
DS 2200 TR
DS 2200 S
DS 2200 T
DS 2400 S
DS 2400 T
DS 2700 S
DS 2800 S
DS 2800 T
DS 3000 S
DS 3000 T
DS 3500 S
DS 3500 T
PTX 2700

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