efco® 2-Cycle Oil

2-Cycle Oil

efco® 2-cycle engine oil is a semisynthetic, smokeless oil specifically blended for chain saws, line trimmers, blowers, and all other 2-cycle air-cooled engines.

efco® oil is safe for the environment and the operator because it eliminates exhaust smoke.

  • Meets API air-cooled engine oil service classification TC, Fluidity Grade 3.
  • Exceeds JASO spec FD
  • Meets Global Oil Specs ISO L-EGD.
  • Available in:
    • 50:1, 1 gallon mix (2.6 oz. bottle)
    • 50:1, 2 gallon mix (5.2 oz. bottle)
    • 50:1, 2.5 gallon mix (6.4 oz. bottle)

efco 2-Cycle MSDS