Professional Chainsaw Chaps


For long-lasting protective apparel, efco has the gear for you. With efco's professional chaps, you get an apron-style design with a quick-release buckle for waist and legs. Easy to put on and take off. Lightweight, breathable with open back design that increases comfortability in hot conditions. Features Prolar™ padding which effectively jams chain to quickly stop cutting action. Finally, extended protection on left side of legs, where most injuries occur.

Available color: Orange

Available sizes: 36", 39"

UL Classified 

This garment has been Classified by UL® (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) as chainsaw cut-resistant leg protection for all Operators of Gas Powered Chainsaws by using ASTM (American Society of Testing & Materials) F1414 Test Method and ASTM F1897-2008 performance standard. See complete marking on the product.