Chainsaws5 Year WarrantySharp Pro

For professionals who demand top quality.  Designed for extremely simple maintenance and operator comfort during extended hours of work.

  • Extremely linear torque at all engine speeds for high performance in any working condition.
  • Steel crankshaft and piston with two rings for maximum long-term reliability.
  • Cylinder with compression relief system to ensure smooth and jerk-free starting.
  • Extra-large fuel tank combined with low rates of consumption result in over 40 minutes of operation on a full tank.
  • Handles and fuel tank isolated from the machine by six rubber antivibration mounts for extremely low vibrations and no overheating.
Displacement 63.4 cc
Power 4.3 HP
Bar Length 18" / 20" / 24"
Chain (pitch x gauge) 3/8" / .050" / .058"
Oil Pump Automatic / Adjustable
Oil/Fuel Capacity 11.8/23.6 fl. oz.
Weight 12.7 lb


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